Next week, you will receive your 2004 Book of Lists. In it, you will find our 2004 Editorial Calendar.

I'd like to bring up some of the special sections now because we would like your help with determining some of the content.

For example, one of our new special sections is on Influential Leaders in the community. We probably will profile about 12 people and feature other nominees. This particular special section does not appear until Nov. 29.

But it would be helpful to our staff for you to share any names of people now that you feel fit into this category. That way we can observe their community activity throughout the year or watch how their business performs in order to make wiser decisions when we determine our final selections.

Obviously, there are tried and true influential leaders in the community and we expect that a few of those faces will be among the 12 we profile. However, we really are looking for new faces of influence, particularly in some of the growing high-tech industries or with respect to downtown.

In addition, we have a special section that focuses on Women of Influence. Again, we are looking for new faces along with some of the familiar faces. We are seeking names of Tucson business women who have major influence in their industry, in government at any level, or in the community. This special section runs July 19. But send your suggestions now.

Once again, we will have an Up and Comers section, which was well received in 2003. Of course, we will look for a new slate of people for this special section. We'd like to start collecting names as soon as possible.

Other enterprise packages we plan to do will look at Tucson's economic indicators, business strategies, the Phoenix market connection, career tracks and the business of art. If your business has a connection to the Phoenix market or you know of other connections going in either direction, we'd like you to share your observations with us of how the two markets connect. We'd like to present several "how to" stories for our business strategies package. If you know of any trendy "how to" ideas, we also welcome them. In the art arena, Tucson has a lot to offer and we plan to take a look at local galleries and other art venues that have staying power. As the job market continues to evolve, we want to explore career options and how to land the ideal job. Our economic indicators package will present timely statistics on local market conditions, ranging from employment to bankruptcies.

We also will continue to have special sections on healthcare, downtown, the local industry clusters, commercial and residential real estate, small business, Hispanic business, business and education, and a financial outlook.

Our first special section, our Healthcare Report, appears Jan. 12.

In each of our special sections, we want to provide you with information that will help you in your business. We encourage your feedback to help us stay focused on the topics that are of interest to you. If you believe we should change our focus in any way, please call or e-mail and we will follow your direction. With your help, we know we will continue to put out a great product in 2004.

Sheila Storm, editor of Inside Tucson Business, may be contacted at or (520) 295-4237.