OK, here's the thing. Your computer doesn't work. It keeps crashing and, although not an earth-shattering or data destroying problem, it is extremely time consuming and annoying. So you call the Computer Guy. And he comes in to fix your computer. Well, you're savvy enough to be able to tick off the symptoms ("It doesn't print." "It won't open any files that contain Java script."). Then comes the hard part. He starts asking questions. This, friends, is where your brain starts to atrophy. "You have three network protocols loaded in here. You don't need all of them! Which one do you use? I'll dump the rest and it'll free up space on your hard drive which, by the way, needs more RAM." Well, well, well. Which thingamabob is driving the whatchamacallit? If you knew that, you could probably fix the computer by yourself. It'd be easier to determine the temperature of the moon's core than answer some of these questions. You feel like shouting, but you have to be nice, because your hard drive is in his hands. Finally, after a half hour of grilling you, he figures out the answers himself, fixes the computer and leaves. Whew.