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Tucson Local Media 7225 N Mona Lisa Rd #125TucsonAz85741

Northern Pima Chamber of Commerce

7435 N. Oracle #107TucsonAZ85704
Risky Business8848 E. Tanque Verde      TucsonAZ85749
ASBA/AZ Small Business Association1022 W Ina RdTucsonAZ85704
Tucson Family Medicine7105 N. La ChollaTucsonAZ85741
Stadium Grill3682 W. Orange GroveTucsonAZ85741
Fiat Dealership1000 W. Wetmore TucsonAZ85705
Relish Kitchen & Wine Bar4660 E Camp LowellTucsonAZ85712
Royal Speedway4343 E. Speedway BlvdTucsonAZ85712
Lexus Speedway4373 E. Speedway BlvdfTucsonAZ85712
NOVA Home Loans1630 E RIVER RD, STE 120TucsonAZ85718
Fit at the River2404 E RiverTucsonAZ85718
Ward 6 Offices 3202 E 1st StTucsonAZ85716
La Salsa3009 E SpeedwayTucsonAZ85716
Rincon Market2513 E. 6th St.TucsonAZ85716
Connect33 S 5th Ave.TucsonAZ85701
Five Points CafŽ 756 S. Stone (@18th)TucsonAZ85701
Midtown Liquors 339 S. StoneTucsonAZ85701
The Running Shop3055 N. CampbellTucsonAZ85719
State Farm 2654 E CampbellTucsonAZ85719
AZ Historical Society949 E. 2nd St.TucsonAZ85719
Best Westerm Inn & Suites 6201 N. OracleTucsonAZ85704
Fairfield Inn Mariott 10150 N Oracle TucsonAZ85704
Asian Grain Bistro12985 N. OracleTucsonAZ85737
Pima College7600 N Shannon RdTucsonAZ85741
VW Dealership900 W. Auto Mall DriveTucsonAZ85705
Habistore 935 W. GrantTucsonAZ85705
Best Western Royal Sun1015 N Stone AveTucsonAZ85705
Coyote Pause CafŽ 2740 S Kinney RdTucsonAZ85735
Le Buzz Expresso  9095 E. Tanque VerdeTucsonAZ85749
Quik-Mart 7667 E Esclante RdTucsonAZ85730
Rita Ranch Market 8201 S Rita RdTucsonAZ85747
Kappys2190 N. WilmotTucsonAZ85712
Java Edge4400 E BroadwayTucsonAZ85711
Office of Martha McSaly4400 E BroadwayTucsonAZ85700
Broadway Pizza 4558 E. BroadwayTucsonAZ85711
Tucson Raquet Club4001 N. Country ClubTucsonAZ85716
Himmel Library1035 N. TreatTucsonAZ85716
Bob Dobb's2501 E. 6th St.TucsonAZ85716
Fit Center @ Mid-Valley140 S. Tucson Blvd.TucsonAZ85716
Gold's Gym   110 S. ChurchTucsonAZ85701
Co Lab (behind Ike's Coffee)17 W. PenningtonTucsonAZ85701
Federal Building  300 W. CongressTucsonAZ85701
Ward 1 Offices940 W. AlamadaTucsonAZ85745
Native New Yorker8225 Courtney Page WayTucsonAZ85743
Vantage West4280 N 1ST AveTucsonAZ85719
La Fronteria 3620 N. Mountain TucsonAZ85719
Sausage Deli754 E GrantTucsonAZ85719
Royal Car Wash1919 E. Ft. LowellTucsonAZ85719
Ward 3 Offices1510 E. GrantTucsonAZ85719
11-Jul1750 E. SpeedwayTucsonAZ85719
G's Barbershop1722 E. SpeedwayTucsonAZ85719
CafŽ La Luce943 E. UniversityTucsonAZ85719
Visitors Center811E. University BlvdTucsonAZ85719
Invisible Theater1400 N. First Ave.TucsonAZ85719
Barrio Brewery                    800 E 16th StTucsonAZ85719
Zona 7878 W. RiverTucsonAZ85704
Las Margaritas6011 N. OracleTucsonAZ85704
Crying Onion CafŽ 3684 W. Orange GroveTucsonAZ85741
Teletec Cafeteria2929 Corona Rd.          TucsonAZ85706
Administration Bldg7474 S. Camino De OesteTucsonAZ85713
Tucson Coffee Roasters 3225 N Swan Rd  #111TucsonAZ85712
Tucson Tamale 7159 E. Tanque VerdeTucsonAZ85715
Jonathan's Cork6320 E Tanque VerdeTucsonAZ85715
Nova Home Loans5255 E. Williams Circle, #6000TucsonAZ85711
Monkey Burger5350 E BroadwayTucsonAZ85711
Better Business Bureau5151 E. BroadwayTucsonAZ85711
Casa Vicentnte  375 S. StoneTucsonAZ85701
County Government Bldg.130 W. CongressTucsonAZ85701
City/County Public Works201 N StoneTucsonAZ85701
Downtown Tucson Partnersip100 N. StoneTucsonAZ85701
Alameda Plaza/CITY COURT 103 E. Alameda           TucsonAZ85701
Codac Behavior3100 N. 1st Ave.TucsonAZ85719
Blue Willow2616 N. CampbellTucsonAZ85719
Beyond Bread421 W. Ina RdTucsonAZ85704
Platium Fitness7315 N. OracleTucsonAZ85704
Vantage West Bank550 W Magee RdTucsonAZ85704
Catalina Library15631 N. Oracle TucsonAZ85739
DES 3912 W. Ina RdTucsonAZ85741
Lexus4670 N. CircuitTucsonAZ85705
Moon Smoke Shop120 W. Grant TucsonAZ85705
Antigone Books 411 N 4th AveTucsonAZ85705
YWCA738 N. 5th Ave.TucsonAZ85705
Marshall Bldg, Journalism Dept845 N. Park (Park & 2nd)TucsonAZ85721
Baggins3191 E. ValenciaTucsonAZ85706
Hampton Inn6971 S. Tucson BlvdTucsonAZ85706
La Quinta Inn7001 S. Tucson BlvdTucsonAZ85706
Park Deli 3780 S. Park AveTucsonAZ85713
George Miller Library9640 E. Golf LinksTucsonAZ85730
Platinum Fitness5815 E. SpeedwayTucsonAZ85712
ZIVAZ 4590 E. BroadwayTucsonAZ85711
Crave Expresso Bar4530 E. BroadwayTucsonAZ85711
Nova Home Loans6245 E. BroadwayTucsonAZ85711
Business Development Finance335 N. Wilmot #420TucsonAZ85711
Wilmot Library  530 S . WilmotTucsonAZ85711
Porsche/Audi Repair Center4690 E 22nd TucsonAZ85711
Honda/Acura Repair Dept4600 E. 22nd TucsonAZ85711
Columbus Branch Library 4350 E 22nd StTucsonAZ85711
Hotel Congress311 E. CongressTucsonAZ85701
Mercado San Agustin100 S. Avenida Del ConventoTucsonAZ85745
Los Olivos Pizza 931 W. CongressTucsonAZ85745
PCC-2nd Floor by Advisor Offices2202 W. AnklamTucsonAZ85709
Vantage West8290 N CortaroTucsonAZ85743
Sushi Cortaro8225 Courtney Page WayTucsonAZ85746
Sunflower Homes Office9401 N. Sunflower Park DriveTucsonAZ85743
La Olla8553 N Silverbell Rd. #102TucsonAZ85743
Casa de los Ninos Thrift Store 1302 E. PrinceTucsonAZ85719
Woods Branch Library3455 N. 1st Ave.TucsonAZ85719
Cartel Coffee Lab 2516 N. CampbellTucsonAZ85719
Raging Sage Coffee House 2458 N. CampbellTucsonAZ85719
11-Jul1001 E. SpeedwayTucsonAZ85719
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce823 E. SpeedwayTucsonAZ85719
TUSD Offices 2025 E. WinsettTucsonAZ85719
Flowing Wells Library1730 W. WetmoreTucsonAZ85705
VA Hospital Bld. #603601 S, 6th Ave.TucsonAZ85707
Clarion Suites6801 S. Tucson BlvdTucsonAZ85706
Comfort Suites6801 S. Tucson BlvdTucsonAZ85706
Holiday Inn Suites2548 E Medina RdTucsonAZ85706
Doubletree7051 S. Tucson Blvd.TucsonAZ85706
Risky Business6866 E. SunriseTucsonAZ85750
Dusenberry-River Library5605 E. River #105TucsonAZ85750
Baggins38 N. ChurchTucsonAZ85701
Superior Court Bldg. 110 W. CongressTucsonAZ85701
Hotel Tucson City Center 475 N GranadaTucsonAZ85701
Brushfire  2745 N. CampbellTucsonAZ85719
AXIS Market1540 E. BroadwayTucsonAZ85719
Westward Look Resort245 E. Ina RdTucsonAZ85704
Quincie Douglas Library1585 E. 36thTucsonAZ85713
Jewish Community Center 3800 E. RiverTucsonAZ85718
Pima County One Stop 340 E. Commerce Park Loop#100TucsonAZ85745
Wheller Taft Library 7800 Schisler DrTucsonAZ85743
Trident Grill2033 E. Speedway          TucsonAZ85719
A-LOFT1900 E. SpeedwayTucsonAZ85719
Oro Valley Public Library 1305 W NarangjaTucsonAZ85737
Epic CafŽ745 N. 4th Ave.TucsonAZ85705
VA Hospital Bld. #30  3601 S. 6th Ave.TucsonAZ85707
Zona 787301 E Tanque VerdeTucsonAZ85715
Mercedes Benz Dealership6350 E Grant RdTucsonAZ85715
Nova Home Loans6893 N. Oracle Rd Ste 121TucsonAZ85704
Bisbee Breakfast Club 4131 W Ina RdTucsonAZ85741
Med Schl Bookstore (Rear @ Cherry/Drachman)1501 N. CampbellTucsonAZ85724
Santa Rosa Branch Library 1075 S 10th AveTucsonAZ85746
UA Science&Tech Park  Bldg 9070 #17509200 S. Rita Rd.         TucsonAZ85747
Bookmans Entertainment Exchange6230 E. Speedway       TucsonAZ85712
Metro Tucson Chamber465 W. St. Mary's RdTucsonAZ85701
Nanini Library7300 N. Shannon Rd.TucsonAZ85741
Bookmans Entertainment Exchange 1950 E. GrantTucsonAZ85719
Bookmans Entertainment Exchange3733 W. InaTucsonAZ85741
Valencia Library202 W. ValenciaTucsonAZ85706
Mission Branch Library3770 S. MissionTucsonAZ85713
J.L. Kirk Bear Canyon Library Branch 8959 E. Tanque VerdeTucsonAZ85749
Valdez Main Library101 N. StoneTucsonAZ85701
Arizona Inn 2200 E. ElmTucsonAZ85719

Northland Investment Corporation recently announced the acquisition of The Canyons at Linda Vista Trail in Oro Valley. The property offers 228 one- to three-bedroom multifamily units across 13 acres, and is Northland’s fourth acquisition in the Tucson area.

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There are certain moments that trigger expressions of gratitude for the role that forage fish play in my life, and, encouragingly, there are still a few pizza joints in town that cater to these moments.

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