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Wendy Gauthier

Chef Wendy Gauthier, owner of Chef Chic is the first female chef to win Iron Chef Tucson, alongside an all female team with Lizzy Peraza and Stacy Vernooy.

She beat Maynards’ chef and defending 2018 Iron Chef Champion, Brian Smith. Gauthier has entered the iron chef competition for the last six years, but this was her first year in the final round. The cook off was held at Casino Del Sol with over 700 people in the audience watching. Judges Ryan Clark, Alan Zeman and John Fina watched and commented to the audience on what they saw the chefs doing; they scored the dishes based on creativity, use of ingredient, presentation and rules of the competition.

The secret ingredient was octopus, once it was revealed each chef had an hour to make four dishes using the secret ingredient and one dish using Stella Artois beer.