The Pima County Board of Supervisors had a Republican majority in 1992. Most have forgotten. Others would like to.

They were Mike Boyd, Ed Moore and Paul Marsh. Moore won in 1984 and 1988 as a Democrat and 1992 with the GOP. (Full disclosure – I helped recruit Ed.)

Their problem was simple - they had no idea how to govern. There was a mass firing of top level personnel while others, like then Deputy County Manager Chuck Huckelberry, found private employment. The county decsended into chaos.

The business community finally had enough and muscled Boyd to vote with the two Democrats to bring back Huckelberry as CEO. Those who find Huck “anti-business” should note how he got there.

The ultimate result of their Stalin-like purges was a $3.5 million settlement with seven of those they illegally “laid off” that was announced just before the 1996 elections. Boyd squeaked out a win and retired in 2000, Marsh lost his primary, and the quixotic Moore placed third in the general as an Independent.

Incompetence in local government has a bipartisan past. The behavior of Republican Supervisor Ally Miller revives it.

Miller won a four-way GOP primary in 2012 with only 37 percent of the vote by mouthing sufficient conservative platitudes and then eked out a win over a solid liberal in a heavily GOP district.

Since her election, Miller has combined the delusions of Moore and the cluelessness of Marsh without the personal charm of either. She seems driven by a pathological dislike of fellow GOP Supervisor Ray Carroll. She and her staff isolate themselves behind locked doors and rarely talk to anyone. What she tells people is often false and even bizarre. Paranoia lurks.

Miller attacked Democratic Supervisor Richard Elias for traveling to Israel “at the county taxpayer’s expense.” It was an American-Israeli Political Action Committee trip paid for by them. That erroneous cheap shot at Elias also insulted AIPAC.

Miller keeps claiming that Supervisor Ray Carroll voted against her budget study sessions even though the official record indicates the vote was 3-2. Carroll - who has a long record of supporting fellow Republicans from Congressman Matt Salmon to former county assessor candidate Bill Heuisler - even co-hosted a fund-raiser for Miller.

Miller has aligned herself with some of the scurvier elements of the local GOP and several bottom-feeding talk show hosts. She was flanked at a recent appearance for Quail Creek Republicans with Carroll’s defeated opponent from the 2012 GOP Primary, Sean Collins, and former State Rep. Randy Graf who mouthpieced for Collins during one of the sleaziest political campaigns in local history.

A major connection between these folks is a scuzzy online hate sheet, the Arizona Daily Independent. They smeared Carroll with phony “corruption” stories but failed to produce any evidence claiming their “source” feared retaliation. Miller has done the same with claims of “corruption” in county contracts and attacked Huckelberry – again, with no evidence. As with Carroll, several talk gypsies chimed in, including 104.1’s J.T. Harris.

Harris, who hasn’t been here long enough to pronounce “La Canada”, is a self-appointed arbiter of local Republican purity. Besides Carroll, he’s trashed Congressional candidate Martha McSally, GOP National Committeeman Bruce Ash, and former State Sen. Frank Antenori. He regularly quotes from the ADI apparently unaware that its material, when not imagined, is plagiarized from genuine news sources like the Yellow Sheet of the Arizona Capitol Times. Harris uses ADI publisher Loretta Hunnicutt as a regular source and guest as he does Supervisor Miller.

The MO of these smearmasters is often imagined guilt by association. Ironic, coming from folks with alliances as shoddy as theirs. Supervisor Miller will ultimately be judged by the company she keeps and the falsehoods she continues to repeat.

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