As I ponder the potential of pairing cocktails with cuisine, there’s one discovery that I can no longer keep to myself.

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Louisville, Kentucky is often called the gateway to the south. But for one native son who now calls Tucson home, it’s a gateway to the mouth.

The year 1845 represented some memorable moments in history, including the start of the Irish potato famine, the year that Texas became a state, and the first time that the word baseball appeared in a major newspaper.

Affectionately known across town as Kenny King Kahuna, this Foothills restaurateur is bringing his love of the beach to the breakfast plate.

I hail from Washington, D.C., one of the great crab capitals of the U.S., and crab always enjoyed star status in the Russell home. My mother’s crab imperial was my earliest encounter with the concept of comfort food, and I’ve lost count of how many heaps of steamed blue crabs have been dumpe…

I must admit that I’ve gotten pretty attached to that old pig. But, alas, the time has come to let him go.

I learned just how critically important the letter “o” is after sitting down recently with Tucson businesswoman Ellie Lippel, particularly when it comes to her livelihood as a purveyor of French macarons.

In his book “Bianco,” Arizona Chef Chris Bianco suggests that the architecture of a sandwich is just as important as the ingredients.

The irony is not lost on me that National Sloppy Joe Day is always the day after St. Patrick’s Day. This is hardly a coincidence, as someone must have known the cravings that only this comfort food staple would cure after an evening of Irish stouts and spirits.

You can tell it’s Arizona Cocktail Weekend when phrases like “expressed peels” and “flaming zests” return to the libation lexicon.

As Cupid begins his countdown to the most romantic day of the year, it’s high time that I go public with my love affair. Her name is Syrah, and although my affection has been aggressively pursued by some of her competitors over the years, my loyalty to her is steadfast.

The cephalopod class may be more than 300 species strong, but they all have one thing in common: A propensity for their texture to be reduced to rubber.

As the CEO of a public relations firm who moonlights as a food and beverage journalist, I attempt to write the kinds of stories that stick. Really stick. Enough to inspire you, my dear readers, to digitally like, post and share in turn.

When brewer John Adkisson was pitched on an idea for an oyster beer by seafood sophisticate and restaurateur Jim “Murph” Murphy, he thought that he’d gone mad.

They call their country “La Furia Rioja,” and for residents of Spain there’s nothing more emblematic of their land’s red fury than its food and wine culture.

It’s been said that the average American consumes 302 cloves of garlic every year. That’s on the low end if you’re a regular guest at the Schultz family table.

Local pastry pundit Joe Gauci has much to say about the savory side of his craft, and his story began when he randomly stumbled across his Maltese mother’s secret recipe for pastizzi. 

She says that she dances whenever she cooks, and I bore witness to it when I first broke bread with Marlene Baquet.

I knew that my time would eventually come, and turning 50 this summer seemed like the right context for comfortably and confidently ordering my first Singapore Sling.

In true Pavlovian fashion, all it took was last week’s news that India Prime Minister Narendra Modi was visiting our nation’s capital to trigger my intense craving for garam masala.

Performing in Carnegie Hall and having dinner at the White House are two of the highest honors that have ever been bestowed on me. That is, until the Russell Melt Down was unveiled.

Celebrate National Elote Day with a drink inspired by Mexican street corn

I certainly don’t have plans to quit my day job, but I must admit that the plastic pig trophy looks great on my mantle.

When the deadliest gunfight in Arizona history inspires the name of a beer that will compete for craft glory later this month, suffice it to say that the brewers are in it to win it.

When I first interviewed Pat Connors more than a decade ago, I learned about the pairing of fried avocados and Irish whiskey.

I suppose it was tough luck on that winter night in 1988 when three punches, which I never even ordered, made me $150 richer.

You don’t have to be a certified cheesemonger to appreciate one of the hottest things happening on the cheese scene today.

The bigger is better posture took center stage last week with our fascination over the supermoon, which got me thinking about today’s superfoods, though I’m not talking kale and kohlrabi.   

The term classic margarita got my vote for best oxymoron, at least for one night at the World Margarita Championship in Tucson two weeks ago.

I t’s nothing more than a doughy mix of flour, salt, water and yeast, rolled out flat and flipped onto a hot grill. But despite its basic ingredients and architecture its sales are spiking at restaurants across Southern Arizona.