The Arizona Board of Regents approved an integration proposal submitted by University Medical Center and University Physicians Healthcare.
The proposal calls for the creation of a new company that will oversee both entities and combine the clinical enterprise of the hospitals. The approval was given at the Board of Regents meeting in Flagstaff June 11.
The integration is expected to be completed once approved by UMC and UPH boards later this month, but the actual integration process will occur over several months.
This action serves to enhance the existing partnership among UPH, UMC and the UA, supporting their mutual goals. It also will expand patient care, train new physicians and other healthcare professionals, and continue advancing clinical science to diagnose and treat human disease.
The boards of directors and management teams of both entities, in conjunction with the University of Arizona, worked to create the terms of the integration and submitted the proposal to ABOR.
Combining the clinical enterprise of both organizations offers many benefits, including coordination and integration of patient care, opportunities to create a combined electronic medical record, a stronger unified community presence and a much closer alignment with the UA College of Medicine. The integration also encourages joint strategic planning, funding and execution of key initiatives, as well as coordinated branding, marketing and philanthropic efforts.
A comprehensive market research and branding effort is under way to develop the brand of the new enterprise to position the new company among the very top academic healthcare organizations in the Southwest.