A new year is quickly approaching, and many business owners are looking for ways to make next year impactful to make up for the unprecedented year we have experienced. I am proud of the Southern Arizona community for coming together this year and supporting one another while times were tough, and we are looking ahead to a bright 2021. Here are 10 tips to make sure you get a running start as the clock strikes 12.

Revisit your business plan. Before the new year begins, take some time to revisit your business plan. Figure out if you need to rework anything, or if there are any adjustments you need to make to get back on track.

Set New Year’s resolutions. Set a New Year’s resolution for your business. This can be something as simple as keeping the increasing sales, enhancing company culture, improving your online presence, etc.

Launch a new product. Consider launching a new product or service in 2021 to increase the momentum of your business.

Consider hiring needs. A new year means new needs; this can mean it’s time to reevaluate your current staffing and figure out if you need to staff more people or make any changes in duties. Also, evaluate your current employees and see if you can promote anyone.

Reinvest in your business. With yearend numbers available, it is a great time to assess your financial situation and reinvest in your company. Check your most profitable items, make renovations, and reinvest your money in places you believe will benefit your business.

Get organized. With the holiday season winding down and employees safely coming back to the office, things may be a mess. Begin the New Year by cleaning and getting your space organized. This can make everything easier to find and increase productivity, especially when you come back from the holidays. It also will reinvigorate your team. Set aside a “work on your space” day for employees, pull out boxes, garbage cans and invite everyone to dress down for an afternoon of clean up.

Learn something new. Check to see if there are any new certifications or classes you can take while you are off on holiday break. These classes can teach you valuable lessons that can help you succeed in future business developments.

Discover your digital presence. An easy way to jump start the New Year is by investing some time into your digital presence. Take more time every week to post on social media, send out email blasts or build your website.

Begin networking. Jump start your next year by growing your network. An easy way to do this is to be active on LinkedIn and connect with others within your industry.

Find time for yourself. This year has been tough for everyone, and you have may have worked 80-hour weeks just to get things done, so it’s important you take time for yourself during the holidays. Making sure you are rested and recharged can ensure that you can put a better foot forward in 2021.


Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communications. . Cox, a long-time partner, is lending a hand by recently presenting a $50,000 donation from the James Cox Foundation to The Salvation Army to help rescue Christmas in Tucson, Sierra Vista and Douglas and Cox employees are busy connecting low income families to the internet with Connect2Compete services. Learn more about our philanthropic initiatives at