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As a small business owner, you know time is your largest asset, and wasting time means wasting money. It’s crucial, especially in the beginning years of your business, to manage your time wisely in order to maximize the growth of your business. Make the most of your time at work with these helpful tips.

Review your days. Start by logging how you spend your time each day. By doing this, you’ll see where you might be wasting your time.

Stick to a schedule. Once you’ve identified where you are losing time every day, go head and remove that activity and replace with an activity that can grow your business. 

Get it done on the go. Make the most of any time wasted, such as waiting in long lines, by connecting on the go. Using Cox’s 1,000+ Wi-Fi hot spots all over Tucson helps you stay connected to email while out running errands.

Use the right tools. Use tools that can streamline your day and automate some of the monotonous tasks that may be taking up a lot of time from your day. 

Delegate. Become more comfortable delegating work to your employees. The more work they take off of your plate, the more time you can spend doing other admin duties. 

Keep track of your finances. Creating a bookkeeping system early on in your business can save you so much time and stress.

Don’t multitask. Multitasking can lead to a multitude of problems. Multitasking both splits your focus and increases the chances that you will make a mistake. Instead, focus on one task and completing it to the best of your ability.

Learn to say “no.” This can be difficult to do, especially when you’re in the habit of taking every opportunity you can get. Avoid overscheduling yourself and be realistic about how much you can actually complete in one day. 

Avoid distractions. While this may seem like common sense, know what your distractions are and avoid them. Your favorite TV show can wait.

Schedule down time. While it is important to use all the time you can, it is also important for you to have some time to recharge and avoid burnout. Schedule some time for yourself everyday where you put your phone down and just relax.

Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communications. Reach her at