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Selecting the right healthcare plan can just add to your stress if you don’t have the right tools to make the best choice for your company.  Consider these steps to take the stress and confusion out of choosing health care.

Determine your budget. First things first, you will need to crunch some numbers and figure out how much you can afford to spend on health insurance and the premium percentage you’d like to cover.

Survey your employees. The best way to determine employee needs is with an anonymous survey. Be sure to include questions about co-pay and deductible levels.

Compare plans. After gathering feedback, this is a great time to get in touch with local consultants or plan providers. Our sales team at Banner|Aetna can help you sort through your employees’ needs and determine what type of plan will be best for your business.

Do your homework. Check out customer testimonials, ask around for recommendations and interact with a plan provider’s customer service team to get a better feel for how trustworthy and transparent they are.

Examine the network. Which hospitals does the provider cover in network? Will your employees have access to high quality care from the best doctors in the area? These are important questions that must be answered. 

Go local. When you chose a provider that has a local sales staff, they’ll understand your specific market better and can recommend a solution that meets your employees’ health care needs.

Look for innovative benefits. Ask whether there are any innovative benefits that members can receive from health plans. For example, Banner|Aetna offers virtual primary care visits through the 98point6 mobile app.

Create a wellness program. Consider enriching your benefits package with a corporate wellness program focused on specific goals such as weight loss, diabetes prevention or smoking cessation.

Market your plan. U.S. employees consistently say health insurance is important in deciding where to work. Be sure to highlight your new benefits package and wellness program to potential hires.

Reevaluate often. The healthcare industry is always changing, especially as technology advances. Be sure to take a look at your current plan and employee needs each renewal period.

Rhian Madrid is the Director of Sales for Banner|Aetna. Reach him at