Top 10

While working remotely, many employees may be looking for ways to continue education and brush up on their professional skills. Here are a few ideas to keep your skills sharp while working remotely.

Personal branding. Build up your online presence and personal reputation by being more active online. Contribute content relevant to your industry on social media and connect with associates on LinkedIn.

Authenticity. Gaining trust and building relationships with your customers stems from being authentic. Build on this skill by making an effort to connect with your customers and give them a glimpse into your life as a business owner through social media.

Persuasive writing. Being able to write compelling and persuasive content for your website, sales copy and email marketing will make a huge impact on whether or not your customer is enticed to read further or purchase your services. 

Social media marketing. Study up on the latest social media marketing trends. Consider setting aside a separate budget to dedicate to social media marketing this year to see how it can impact your sales.

Stress management. Eliminating stress is crucial if you want to remain a healthy and productive leader. Consider practicing deep breathing, meditation or going for a walk.

Speed-reading. In a world with so much content at our fingertips, reading and retaining information quickly is an important skill to have. Practice by reading for one hour each day and summarizing afterwards.

Public speaking. If you haven’t already, it’s time to bite the bullet and master the art of public speaking. Sign up for an online communications course that will help you overcome your fears and learn how to capture an audience with storytelling. 

Financial management. Even if you have an accountant or financial officer on your team, it’s important to learn the basics of business finances such as cash flow, profit and loss to help drive business decisions and goals.

Leadership styles. Learn your management style through online quizzes to help you understand how to best communicate with employees and be a more impactful leader.

Something fun. After hours, get your mind off work with a crash course on something that interests you such as photography, gardening or playing a musical instrument. 


Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communications. Reach her at