The last couple of months have changed how we live our everyday lives due to COVID-19, and that naturally has raised certain fears, worries and feelings of uncertainty. Try these tips to help cope with isolation and the feelings it brings, as well as the mental toll this pandemic has taken on all of us. 

1. Check in on loved ones. Cox GrandStories highlights the importance of seniors staying connected to family. The series explores themes of isolation in seniors and looks at how technology can serve as a way of keeping them connected to loved ones.

2. Travel – online. Many of have canceled travel plans and summer vacations this year. Get your travel fix at home by exploring national parks from your couch on The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks by Google.

3. Help others. Check on your neighbors to see if they need help getting groceries and essential items and offer to shop and leave items at their front door. 

4. Bring the outdoors in. As the weather heats up, getting outside isn’t as comfortable. Bring the outdoors to you by caring for a new houseplant or adding a DIY bird feeder to your patio to invite birds closer to your living space. 

5. Learn something new. Stay busy during your free time by picking up a new hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to learn. From virtual guitar lessons to online photography courses, there are plenty of opportunities to learn something new.

6. Connect virtually. Missing your weekly happy hour with a friend or game night with family? Host virtual get-togethers on Skype or FaceTime to feel a sense of normalcy and connection. 

7. Take a break from news. If watching the news or reading COVID-19 related content on social media makes you feel anxious, consider taking a break. Instead, read a book or watch your favorite movie. On Cox Contour we have hundreds of movie and TV choices that can interest any viewer.

8. Try new recipes. Take your mind off everything by having some fun in the kitchen. Try out a new recipe or sharpen your cooking skills by taking a virtual cooking class. 

9. Work on a home project. Get started on that home project that you’ve always wanted to do. Consider transitioning your house to a “smart home” with technology like a WiFi thermostat and Cox Homelife to update and protect your home.

10. Talk to a therapist. Telehealth options may be available to connect you with a therapist virtually to discuss what you are experiencing. 

Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communications. Reach her at lisa.lovallo@cox.com.