Top 10

Every successful business owner has a toolkit of resources to lean on for advice and creative ideas. There are many free or low-cost business resources available to help make the ins and outs of running your company simpler and smarter. Cox BLUE shares helpful articles for business owners to stay up-to-date on industry trends and provides tips for running a successful business. Check out the additional resources listed below and start learning from some of the best in the business.

  1. Government resources. Several government programs offer free assistance with business funding, advice, training, mentoring and more. The Arizona Small Business Association, BusinessUSA and Tucson SCORE are a few great places to find small business support.
  2. Business templates. When it comes to starting a business, there are many forms and templates involved. Bplans offers many free business templates for proposals, investor pitches, branding, cash flow and more.
  3. Finance tools. From budgeting and planning to invoicing and bookkeeping, professional platforms such as H&R Block, Intuit and Mint will come in handy.
  4. Books. There’s often an entire section in bookstores and libraries that focuses on business. Next time you’re browsing, see if you can find these top-rated titles: Good to Great, Speak and Get Results, The 4-Hour Workweek, Influence and Built to Last.
  5. Podcasts. For those of us short on time, podcasts are a great way to gain inspiration while on the go. Next time you’re going for a walk or driving to work, check out these top podcasts for entrepreneurs and business owners: StartUp, Marketplace, HBR IdeaCast, Social Media Marketing and RISE.
  6. News outlets. Staying informed with what’s happening in your industry will help you make the best business decisions possible. Publications such as Business 2 Community, Venture Beat, SmallBizDaily, and Small Business Trends all provide excellent information on everything that impacts your business.
  7. COVID-19 resources. Speaking of impacts on your business, it’s important to stay informed about the pandemic and CDC guidance on workplace safety. 
  8. Forums. When you have a more specific question or issue, forums are a great way to get answers directly from other business leaders. Forums like Quora and LinkedIn have plenty of business leaders online and willing to help.
  9. TED Talks. These short presentations are meant to bring new ideas to the table and always pack a punch. A few top-rated TED Talks include “8 Secrets of Success” by Richard St. John, “The Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed” by Bill Gross, and “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” by Simon Sinek.
  10. Influencers. There are many people who have made a name for themselves and are known for being influential business leaders in their industry. Business moguls such as Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Reed Hastings are great people to follow on social media for inspiration. In addition, the Cox Media team is a great resource for information on advertising trends, both digital and television.


Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communications, leading a team of 250+ Southern Arizona Cox employees. Prior to joining the Cox Southern Arizona team, Lisa ran a family business based in Tucson and is a graduate of the University of Arizona. Reach her at