Rytek Technical


Ryan McCoskey, the owner of Rytek Technical, performs calibration on a piece of laboratory equipment. 

Automation equipment in some businesses is not as automated as the owners think it should be, where laboratory equipment might have down-times that affect production research schedules. When issues such as these crop up, Rytek Technical steps in and offers solutions to solve the problems.

Ryan McCoskey, the owner of Rytek Technical, started the company ten years ago after working in the industry for about seven years.

“We’ve grown steadily in that time,” McCoskey said. “We started out working only in Tucson, but now have customers in Europe, Asia and South America.”

Rytek Technical doesn’t build automation equipment itself, but rather services the equipment of others and sometimes adds fixtures, tools or attachments to the equipment to make it more efficient or productive. Its services include scientific instrument and equipment repair, automated equipment repair, custom built fume hoods and enclosures, machine upgrades and retrofits, specialized fixtures and lab ware, and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) representation.

“Many of our customers like the fact that we can add tools to their equipment,” McCoskey pointed out. “For instance, we work with a lot of robotics that pick up and move parts. In a liquid handling situation that would be prone to human handling, the robot might be moving liquid from one well into 50 wells. We could produce a piece of equipment to the customer’s specifications that could make that process more effective.”

McCoskey said Rytek Technical recently completed a job in Milton Keynes, near London, England, where his company finished installation of automated storage equipment by providing assistance in mechanical assembly, wiring, testing and acceptance of the system.

“It was a huge freezer with a robot inside where the lab samples are put into the system, which then reads the sample and stores it in the freezer for later use,” McCoskey said. “It took us from August of 2014 until February of this year to complete the installation, which went very well. The UK BioCenter in Milton Keynes is the largest concentration of bio sample storage in the world.”

McCoskey, who has two full time employees and two independent contractors on staff, said his company recently completed a challenging project to design a custom cart that would make mammography equipment mobile.

“From an engineering standpoint, it was unusual,” he said. “Because the carts would be used in women’s centers, the customer wanted something that looked good and was aesthetically pleasing. We put together four designs before they found one that they liked.”

McCoskey said that he believes Rytek Technical will see continued growth.

“Small businesses are a lot more flexible than big businesses,” he pointed out. “It’s difficult to change a large company’s products or procedures, but a small company has much more flexibility in making something different or changing something for a customer. We know that’s key for our customers who want us to make what they want, so flexibility and adaptability are important.”

Openness with a customer is another key element in McCoskey’s workplace philosophy.

“We always tell a customer what is happening in their job because we want to be transparent,” he said. “We say what we do and do what we say.”