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Leadership is not about being the best, but about making everyone else better. At Cox Communications, we host regular trainings that provide our leaders with ongoing leadership education assuring that they are the best leaders possible. Here are some strategies to becoming an inspiring, well-respected leader at your company. 

Learn your leadership style. Online leadership-style quizzes can help you determine what type of leader you are and how you react in certain situations. Whether you’re a more “hands off” leader or an authoritarian, it helps to know what areas you excel at and where you need work.

Hire smart. As a leader, it’s your job to ensure that you fill your team with employees who work well together and support the goals of the company. 

Know your team. Get to know your team on a personal level and learn their work styles. Some employees need supervision in order to thrive in a work environment, while some appreciate space to handle things on their own. 

Be inspirational. Great leaders have a true passion for the company and the projects they work on. Your team members will see the enthusiasm you have for your work and emulate it. 

Stay positive. Try to keep a positive attitude at the workplace, even when business is not necessarily booming. Being optimistic in the face of challenges will lift and inspire your team to do the same.

Communicate effectively. When you delegate tasks, be sure that your employee knows exactly what your expectations are for the assignment and welcome any questions along the way.

Encourage feedback. Schedule one-on-one time with employees to discuss any concerns, questions and ideas they may have. 

Have their back. It’s important for your employees to feel safe and trusted. Conflicts between customers and your employees may arise, and you’ll need to be able to handle the situation appropriately while having your employee’s back.

Give recognition. A thoughtful note or recognition in a meeting is a great way to show your team that they’re appreciated and motivate them to keep up the good work.

Try new things. Be on the lookout for new ways to inspire and motivate your employees. At Cox, our leaders participate in volunteer work alongside their employees to strengthen relationships while giving back to the community. 

Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communications, leading a team of 250-plus Southern Arizona Cox employees. Reach her at