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Teamwork Concept. Collaboration Team Meeting Communication with Business Teamwork Working Together in Conference Room. Top view of Diversity Partner Business Meeting Trust in Businessman and Team.

At the Community Foundation for southern Arizona, we believe in the power of collaboration, the power of partnership to strengthen southern Arizona’s nonprofit community.  

Inspired by our shared vision to making southern Arizona a better place for everyone, CFSA works across sectors to address issues from animal welfare to economic development, from arts and culture, to poverty. We know that by combining our resources, we can help make our community a place where all have an opportunity to not only make a living but make a life.  

CFSA’s programs and initiatives are grounded in the strength of collaboration. These partnerships are rooted in mutual interests, trust and respect, enriched by diversity and focused on making a positive and lasting impact in our communities.

The African American Legacy Fund directs dollars and fosters collaboration among organizations and individuals serving the most pressing needs of the African American and greater Tucson community. The initiative mirrors others around the country promoting greater investment in the African American community. Led by a board of community leaders, the vision for AALF is to become the forum for the community to collaborate and prioritize its needs and aspirations and to improve the quality of life of everyone living in metropolitan Tucson.

The Latino Community Fund is grounded in cariño, which is the Spanish word for love, caring and compassion. Family and community are at the heart of Latino values and inspire giving. LCF promotes love for community and viewing your community as an extension of your family. Its mission is to build on the Latino legacy of giving by inspiring action and advancing love and justice within families and communities, and it focuses on Latino-led, Latino-serving nonprofits that work to create real, positive, lasting change in our community through racial equity and social justice.

The LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund seeks to foster charitable giving in support of innovative programs and initiatives that benefit the LGBT community in Southern Arizona. Created in 1999 in partnership with the National Lesbian and Gay Community Funding Partnership, the Alliance Fund addresses the chronic pattern of underfunding of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender programs and supports efforts to address these issues through philanthropy and endowment building. The Alliance Fund connects donors with projects that benefit the LGBTQ+ community through annual competitive grant rounds.

MAP Dashboard was created to measurably improve Southern Arizona through data-driven, collective civic action and education. MAP fills a gap by providing a common collection of information upon which to evaluate our community and collaborate to address our shared issues. MAP Dashboard is sponsored by the local community and the product of a partnership between the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, the Pima Association of Governments, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, Sun Corridor, Inc. and the University of Arizona. The UA’s Economic & Business Research Center maintains, updates and administers the MAP Dashboard website.

Finally, the Pima Alliance for Animal Welfare was created in 2012 to facilitate collaboration among local animal welfare groups and animal enthusiasts to ensure that all Pima County companion animals have a loving home and humane care. The group currently has three focus area: a trap/neuter/return program for community cats; a marketing campaign to adopt locally, culminating in the annual mega adoption event Adopt Love, Adopt Local; and a program to help homebound adults receive free, home-delivered pet food and kitty litter, as well as subsidized veterinary care for their pets. 

Our experience led to the development of the new Community Foundation Campus, a place for all sectors to come together to achieve greater impact. Since opening in November of last year the Campus has hosted over 150 meetings, providing opportunities for nonprofits to meet, learn from, and grow with other nonprofits, as well as opportunities to engage with local businesses, government and educators.  

We invite nonprofit professionals from across Southern Arizona to join us on Thursday, Sept. 26, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., for Almost-Octoberfest at the Community Foundation Campus.  We’re offering beer, ‘brats, and soft pretzels – as well as the opportunity to make new connections with our vibrant nonprofit community. To learn more about CFSA’s programs and initiatives, please visit

J. Clinton Mabie is President and CEO of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.