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Outstanding Allergist: Dr. David Friedman, Allergy Partners of Arizona

Outstanding Behavioral Health: Rina Abrams-Dunn, 48th Rescue Squadron / Davis Monthan

Champion for Care: Julia Haan, Owner Alice Rae Lingerie

Outstanding Chiropractic: Dr. Richard Casabona Jr. Casabona Chiropractic

Outstanding Community Outreach: TMC HEALTHCARE

Outstanding Dental/Orthodontic: Dr. Jennifer Marshall, Northwest Children’s Dentistry

Outstanding Eye Care: Dr. Heather Hickson

Outstanding General/Family Practitioner: Dr. Douglas W. Little

Outstanding Health and Fitness: Sierra Fitness

Outstanding Heart/Neurology: Dr. Eric Sipos

Outstanding In-Patient/Out-Patient Facility: Southern Arizona Urgent Care

Outstanding Medical Research: Dr. Tracy E. Crane, University of Arizona Cancer Center

Outstanding Nurse: Alma C. Solis, LPN, BSN, Connections Southern Arizona

Outstanding Oncology/Radiology: Dr. Pavani Chalasani, University of Arizona Cancer Center

Outstanding Orthopedic: Colonel Colleen M. McBratney, MD, US Air Force, Davis Monthan

Outstanding Pain Management: Dr. Bennet Davis, Sierra Tucson

Outstanding Physical Therapy: Aspen C. Terry, Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Outstanding Senior Health Provider: Dr. John Z. Carter

Outstanding Veterinary Care: Linda Lueth, Cortaro Farms Pet Hospital

Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Sheldon Marks