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With temperatures reaching 110 and beyond, everyone has a tendency to stay inside. For those that do work outside, due to the heat, it’s incredibly important to take extra precautions.  Here are some tips for you to survive the dog days of summer.

Make a transition to online. Most people want to spend their Arizona summers at home and will shop online instead of going into the store. Take advantage of this to increase sales during the slow summer months.

Offer summer hours. Consider shortening your workdays during the summer and give your employees a break. This will improve their overall morale and may save you money in cooling your office space.

Encourage employees to take time off. This maybe a good time for your full-time employees to take time off and be with their families. When the summer ends and the busy season begins, they will be refreshed and ready to give it their all.

Put on a summer event. Bring together community members and drive foot traffic into your store with a large summer event. 

Plan for the holidays. The three major summer holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, are some of the largest shopping days and are filled with some of the best deals. Take these holidays into consideration and plan sales accordingly. 

Attend networking events. Turn the summer lull into an opportunity to grow your business. Meet with other business owners or potential business partners.

Target the vacation crowd. If summer is your busy season because of vacationers, take the time to target them with enticing deals. 

Take the time to thank your regulars. Launch a gratitude campaign for your regular customers. Offer them exclusive summer deals to bring more business to you during the slow summer months.

Offer summer promotions. Offering a summer-long promotion is a great way to stay relevant during the summer months. Post specials on social media or send email blasts with summer deals.

Social media. Turning to social media in the summer months is a great way to stay relevant. With the extra down time you may have, investing that time to building your social media presence is a great idea. 

Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communications.