Talk radio in Tucson is filled with a smorgasbord of paid programming, referred to as brokered shows. Hosts pay for the air time, and in exchange cut a deal with the station to sell advertising in an effort to make back their costs. 

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Ryan Kedzierski, the publisher of Tucson Local Media, has accepted an opportunity as Director of Sales for the Statesman Journal in Salem, Ore. 

There’s been a bit of movement and some additions to Tucson’s over-the-air alternative television programming lineup. KOLD, which has had surprising success through MeTV, which broadcasts for antenna viewers on channel 13.2, has added GRIT TV to 13.3. 

Cathy Green is a believer in the five-year plan, and while it wasn’t always precisely implemented during her four-decade electronic media sales run in Tucson, it certainly set the stage for a multitude of employers along the way. 

Tom McNamara spent nearly 18 years as the familiar face of KVOA TV’s evening newscast. It’s remarkable stability in a business known for being anything but, yet it was that aspect about Tucson and the market that lured McNamara to the Old Pueblo in the first place.