February Spending

Credit-card linked marketing firm Cardlytics released a report showing Tucson as the city with the biggest spending increase during the first two weeks of February. 

Tucson's spending jumps 68 percent in the first half of the month, more than four times that of Portland who, with the lowest increase, only spends 15 percent more leading up to Valentine's Day.

The report lays out the staggering amount Americans spent on Valentine's Day gifts in 2014:

  • $52.2 million - flowers
  • $50 million - jewelry
  • $38.3 million - apparel
  • $18.6 million - specialty gifts
  • $7.2 million - movies
  • $7.1 million - restaurants
  • $1.2 million - salons and spas

They did not, however, supply Tucson's dollar amount contributions to the figures.