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Sherry Hall and Jim Stark present Gospel Rescue Mission CEO Lisa Chastain with a $3,000 along with Wilde Wealth’s Tim Lewis and Trevor Wilde.

A lot has changed since the summer of 2019 when Tucson’s JRS Wealth Management and Hallmark Financial formed an affiliation with Wilde Wealth Management. Nearing two years since the formation, JRS president Jim Stark says the partnership is going even better than expected. So much so, JRS has updated their branding to reflect the partnership, and celebrated the occasion with a $3,000 joint contribution to the Gospel Rescue Mission shelter.

The idea for a partnership stretches back multiple years, looking to “secure a robust financial future by thinking long-term.” Wilde Wealth Management was looking to expand into the Tucson area, and JRS and Hallmark saw a “natural progression” to want to add depth to their practices. As part of the partnership, Hallmark moved its team into JRS’ office at 1610 E. River Road. 

“We’re very pleased with the partnership affiliation with Wilde Wealth Management, it’s actually exceeded our expectations. We actually discussed affiliating with a number of groups, and  it just kept coming back to the quality of people at Wilde Wealth Management. In our opinion, they were heads and shoulders above everyone else,” Stark said. “There’s also been a lot of co-integration on the back side of things, with different marketing and social media. They’ve also helped us integrate with some of the programs and platforms they’re using.”

This is reflected in new branding on letterheads and business cards, as well as their website As part of further integration between the companies, JRS and Hallmark welcomed a new member to their shared Tucson office: Tim Lewis, an investment advisor for Wilde Wealth Management who has worked in the banking and finance industry for more than a decade.

“I’ve known Jim professionally for years, which eventually led to getting to know Wilde Wealth better through their affiliation,” Lewis said. “Getting to know them more personally beyond just professionally made the eventual decision to join the firm an easy one… I like the long term vision of the merger and am excited to be part of it and take it into the next chapter.” 

Stark says the partnership not only helps the businesses, but also provides their clients with confidence in their combined strength through affiliation. It’s a piece of advice they’d give their clients, but also heed themselves.

“I’ve been in the business 30 years, and the reality is I’m at that stage where clients are wanting to make sure they’re taken care of whenever that time for me to step aside comes,” Stark said. “They’re wanting to make sure we’ve put in place a strategy for our future, just like we encourage clients to do.”

The donation to Gospel Rescue Mission, a Tucson-based emergency shelter that provides food, clothing and employment opportunities for the homeless, was an obvious one for Stark. 

“I knew right away that’s who I wanted to support,” Stark said. “I’ve been aware of everything they’re doing for years. My family and I have supported them for years. I believe in their mission of filling a temporal need for the homeless, with the opportunity to offer a pathway out of homelessness, and potentially an eternal or spiritual need as well. It’s everything I believe in.” 

With recent financial volatility—both due to COVID-related economic downturn and internet shakeups in the investments world—JRS, Hallmark and Wilde say connections and concrete plans are more important than ever. 

“I do think remote communication is here to stay. This is still very much a people business, but the idea of being able to do Zoom meetings with clients—and we even did our 2021 market outlook through Zoom where multiple clients could participate—is here to stay,” Stark said. “With COVID and all this volatility and uncertainty, it just speaks to the need for solid planning. And I think that’s where we can add value to clients going forward.”