Leasing checklist

Assess your business needs before signing on the dotted line .

Whether you’re looking for new space or planning to renew your lease, the best way you can make a smart choice is knowing what your business needs are.

There are important questions to ask and answer to accurately define your requirements for Tucson office space for lease.

We suggest that you write down your wants and needs. By having a document to refer to and share, you can save time during property inspection.

Here are just some of the questions that we ask our clients. This exercise moves them from a rough idea of their needs to a clearly defined objective. 



  • What area of town are you most interested in?
  • Is a view important?
  • What is the lowest floor your company would be willing to locate on?
  • How many people will work at this location? 
  • What are your parking and transportation needs?


Space Configuration

You want to make sure you look at properties that meet your needs today and give you some flexibility to accommodate your growth needs. Run the numbers to determine your space needs for 

  • private offices
  • other offices
  • open workstations
  • conference rooms
  • storage and supply rooms
  • filing cabinets & equipment
  • reception area.

As a rule of thumb, office users should plan on between 150 and 250 square feet per person.

Remember to include in your calculations any personnel growth you expect during your lease.


Space Function

Any space you find may require some tenant improvements to meet your needs. Here are some issues you should consider.

  • Do you have any special electrical or communications needs?
  • Do you have special heating, ventilating and air conditioning needs?
  • What provisions must you address to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act?


Lease Issues

When you start to look for potential Tucson office space for lease, the building owner, landlord or their broker may ask you questions. You may want to keep some answers to yourself as bargaining cards during lease negotiations.

But you still should have in writing the answers to the following questions so that you know how to proceed. You’ll know what the deal breakers are and what gives you the best lease for your needs.

Questions you may be asked include

  • What length of lease do you prefer?
  • When does your current lease expire?
  • What is your budget?
  • What else have you seen?
  • Why do you have to move?
  • Do you have any other options?
  • Are you working with a broker?

There are many issues and questions you should address in writing before seeking Tucson office space for lease. It will give you a clear picture of what you need and the confidence to go out and find it.

Commercial Real Estate Group of  Tucson can help you put together the document of your lease needs and wants. You can also get a free copy of our white paper “Top 10 Lease Negotiations & Site Selections Mistakes.” Contact us at 299-3400.