With hundreds of thousands of Project Management Professionals worldwide, the Project Management Institute’s certification program is now a standard across all industries. Becoming a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® involves meeting certain education and experience requirements, and passing a 200-question exam. (PMP Certification Handbook from PMI.)

The key to passing the exam is to understand the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) view of project management.  This means reviewing and understanding PMI’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), but also becoming familiar with how PMI expects project managers to apply that knowledge.  In most cases, this requires PMP-candidates to become familiar with new concepts during their PMP exam preparation, and/or to “unlearn” practices that they have picked up over the years.

This course provides a solid PMP prep foundation – we present and explain all the concepts you need to know.  While other PMP training courses focus on last-minute cramming to prepare you for the exam, we assume you actually want to learn something from your PMP education.  No pre-reading is required before taking our course, but you should be prepared to study the materials we provide – it’s a closed book exam.

Course participants should be familiar with the certification process, and meet the PMP experience requirements prior to attending.  You should also be reasonably familiar with modern project management techniques, as advocated by PMI, and be planning on sitting for the exam within a couple of months of completing this course.

PMP Prep Course Objectives


By the end of the course you will :

* Understand PMI’s approach to project management.

* Understand how the PMP exam is structured, and what kinds of questions will be asked.

* Be very familiar with all sections of the PMBOK® Guide.

*Possess various tricks, tips, techniques, and templates to help you retain information for the exam.

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