Lydia Aranda

Lydia Aranda 

Over the centuries civilizations have been settled for mainly three reasons: The geography’s economic opportunity, political considerations or love. In Southern Arizona’s fabled history, this has certainly been the case, attracting families, business owners and starry-eyed dreamers from far and wide—and keeping them here for love of their work, or a sweetheart, or our inspiring landscapes, sunrises and sunsets.  We still experience the famous C’s: the classic copper, cattle, cotton and citrus; along with branding strengths of climate, cactus and canyons.  

When I pause to reflect on more contemporary legacies, I see what transformative times we are in here in this region, and I add even two more C’s: Capitol and Congress. Recently, at the passing of U.S. Senator John McCain, I was reminded how privileged we are to still be among great legends on a daily basis right here in our backyard. From the DeConcini family to ASARCO’s Manuel Ramos, we converse and collaborate frequently with giants among us who we are honored to call friends. 

At a recent awards gala, Dino and Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini won a private gourmet dinner for 10, prepared by one of our own favorite Southern Arizona marketing legends, John Bord of TEP, who is also a classically trained chef. I was able to help as “prep” and “hostess” for this scrumptious tour of traditional and contemporary Latin dishes from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico and Peru. The mouth-watering delicacies were wonderfully paired with insightful and inspiring conversations led by Beth, Dino, brother Dennis and all the guests. It was a fabulous evening, and brought many of us together in thought, purpose, and of course, love for all our sonoran desert regions offers..

This was early in my relocation from Dallas back home to Arizona, and I will have come full circle to this special event when we celebrate Manuel Ramos and ASARCO, Calline Sanchez and IBM, and many others at the 2018 Noche de Éxitos Gala. What great accomplishments we have seen over the decades; and what new horizons well we meet in the coming years. 

Congratulations and thank you again to the DeConcini and Ramos families. You have served and still give so much to Tucson and all of Southern Arizona. Ustedes son los éxitos.  

Please join us Oct. 20 to celebrate small business legacies and success stories at the 2018 Noche de Éxitos Gala.  For more details, visit  

Lydia Aranda works closely with corporate and nonprofit leaders to build economic and educational solutions for our communities; and currently serves as Interim President of Tucson Hispanic Chamber and its Southern Arizona affiliates. She can be reached at