Teamwork concept

When you wake up each workday, do you look forward to going to work? Most likely a large component of how you answered the question depends on the company culture of where you work. If you and your coworkers embrace your company’s values and mission as a team, statistics show that the company will be more productive, profitable, attract new employees who are a good fit with the company culture and retain existing employees.

At the Tucson Metro Chamber, we have revamped our company values as a team. We have also initiated team-building exercises where a different staff member oversees the concept each month, such as making pizzas at Barrio Bread, having hands-on activities at Hi Corbett Field or learning the nuances of teamwork and trust with a fire chief. Without a doubt, these efforts have helped solidify a strong cultural bond that encourages employee happiness and productivity. 

For further inspiration from companies who excel in cultivating a commendable company culture, the finalists and winners from this year’s Copper Cactus Awards, presented by Wells Fargo, in the best place to work category, sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Southern Arizona, are a great place to start. Excerpts from their applications are paired with eye-opening statistics from

24% of employees are more likely to quit if they don’t like their organization’s culture

Turnover costs time and money. The Better Business Bureau Serving Southern Arizona, the winner with 3–50 employees, has created an environment to minimize turnover as stated in their Copper Cactus application, “Our employee-friendly work environment has resulted in high productivity, less absenteeism, and minimal turnover. We encourage a healthy life-work balance so that our team remains high-energy, productive, engaged, and happier at work.”

91% of managers say a job candidate’s alignment with company culture is equal to or more important than skills and experience

Premier Auto Center, the winner with 51–200 employees, takes their mission to heart and keeps it at the forefront when hiring team members as they shared, “At the root of it, we are truly about our core values of being a ‘dedicated team player, positive and enthusiastic, driven and goal-oriented and passionate about helping others.’ During our hiring process, we primarily focus on finding people with a servant heart that understands our true mission of solving transportation problems for the people of Tucson.”

60% of employees would accept a job they love that pays half their current salary over a job they hate that pays double their current salary

When employees develop friendships, have fun, and share a mutual respect and trust for one another, they are more likely to have more longevity and be more productive. “We are most proud of our company culture and work atmosphere, mutual respect, and trust of all staff; fun, flexibility, and friendship,” shared the architecture firm Onyx Creative. 

88% of employees believe a strong company culture is key to business success

A company won’t succeed if their employees aren’t working as a team. Having top-notch company culture will help The Motive Physical Therapy Specialists with their mission and bottom line. They stated, “Our atmosphere and benefits, together with our overarching company mission, amounts to a warm and tight company culture.”

76% of employees report seeking jobs with more flexibility because of work-life balance

Having an agile culture that embraces what happens in an employee’s life outside of the workplace helps a company thrive. Silverado Technologies shared this in their application. “We all work together daily to create an inviting, friendly, and inclusive framework that encourages each team member to go beyond their comfort zone and genuinely excel in all aspects of their lives.”

47% of job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work

During the interview process, the company culture is something worth asking more about. Pain Institute of Southern Arizona (PISA) has a culture that extends from their team to their patients. “We are very proud of the environment of caring and compassion that exists at PISA, which in turn results in happy employees who are caring and empathetic of each other, the patients, and the community.”


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