While employees are doing their jobs from home alongside children learning in the same environment, the need for fast and reliable internet to keep the family online is crucial. Cox has seen a steady uptick in demand for data and speed during this time. Here are some tips and tricks for those who are working and learning from home to help maximize their internet performance.

  1. Pick a router location. When deciding where to place your internet router, be aware that the more distance there is between a Wi-Fi enabled device and the router, the longer it will take to send data between them. 
  2. Create a home office. Designate a quiet space in your home for working or learning and move the router into that room. If that’s inconvenient, establish the home workstation in a room as close to the router as possible.
  3. Eliminate obstacles. Look out for Wi-Fi obstacles such as windows, furniture, fish tanks, metallic blinds, and mirrors that can affect Wi-Fi reception. 
  4. Keep away from smart appliances. Other smart devices in the home may be operating on the same frequency as the Wi-Fi.
  5.   Disconnect extra devices. If you notice a slower internet speed, check your Panoramic Wi-Fi app to see which devices in your home are using Wi-Fi and disable them while you are working. Wi-Fi is all about bandwidth. The more devices that connect, the slower the speeds will be. When not in use, turn off laptops and tablets. 
  6. Hold off on downloads. If possible, complete large downloads, like large presentations or images, in the afternoon when kids are finished with online school. 
  7. Meet later in the day. When planning Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams conferences and such, schedule them later in the day if possible, to ensure a smooth quality video call.
  8. Plug in. For the fastest internet speeds possible, consider using an Ethernet cable to plug your desktop or laptop computer directly into the router.
  9. Upgrade your speeds. If you find that the work you are doing from home requires the speeds that you may have had at your workplace, consider upgrading.
  10. Get enterprise-grade speeds. If even more bandwidth and speed is required at home for work, consider Cox Business’ Work-at-Home solutions providing enterprise-grade, separate internet connections direct to employees’ homes. 

Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communications.