Nonprofits offer tax break for those who give

It’s that time of year! Showing your clients gratitude around the holidays is important to remind them that you value their business and partnership going into the new year. If you’re not sure how to approach gift-giving etiquette this holiday season, take a look at the tips below to ensure you “wow” your clients with a great gift.

Make it personal. Show your clients you know them well by picking out a gift personalized to them. Know your client likes to get outdoors on the weekends? Consider putting together a gift basket with hiking or camping essentials. Get creative. Skip the generic gift card this year and opt for something more unique, such as a fun subscription box or a book related to their industry. Donate to a cause. If you know your client is passionate about a specific cause, make a donation to a charity on their behalf. You could even purchase a giant check for them to safely deliver to the charity to make it memorable.Time it right. Check whether your client will be in the office, working from home or on vacation during the week you plan to have your gift delivered. There’s no point sending holiday cookies if they won’t be there to enjoy them! Save your company swag. Now is not the time to send clients promotional gifts that display your company logo. Keep these items for your employees to enjoy.

Hand deliver. If you have the time, hand deliver the gift to your client safely. Taking the time to visit a client in person while practicing social distancing is a great way to show them you care. Set a price limit. Giving a gift that is clearly very expensive can backfire. Some companies don’t accept gifts at all due to conflicts of interest, or only allow employees to accept gifts under a certain value. If you’re unsure, check with the intended recipient’s company first.Be tasteful. Think twice about what you plan to get your client. For example, a gym membership, even sent with good intentions, might be taken out of context. Also avoid any gag gifts that may be funny to you, but not your client.Keep it simple. If all else fails and you’re still unsure what a good gift would be, or if you have way too many clients to thank personally, a nice holiday card or e-card will suffice. Last-minute ideas. Oops, you forgot to order client gifts. Don’t stress! Some gift basket companies can complete rush orders or, if you have Amazon Prime, you can order a nice gift in just two days.

Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communications. Cox contributes more than $106.9 million to Southern Arizona’s economy every day, and generates more than $11.2 million in annual tax revenues for state & local governments. Reach her at