Company culture is the glue that holds all the pieces of a business, both small and large companies together. It sets the tone for employee morale and work environment. In addition, what your employees communicate about your company’s culture online and to peers affects how outsiders view your business—from clients to prospective hires. Follow these steps to recharge your workplace culture and boost employee morale.

  1. Develop core values. Core values are the essence of your company’s identity. They will act as a guiding light for employees in day-to-day operations and decision-making. Make this a group activity by involving all employees in the creation of the core values. Reviewing and freshening up values is a good exercise to kick off the New Year.
  2. Create buy-in from employees. Empower employees to provide feedback and integrate it into your culture. Cox practices this by fostering a culture that puts our people first and welcoming feedback through surveys. 
  3. Emphasize team building. At Cox, we foster teamwork through activities outside the office, such as taking a group of employees to volunteer in the community for an afternoon. You might see gray “Cox volunteers” shirts at a local food bank or cleaning up Tucson parks.
  4. Be transparent. Trust is the foundation of a great company culture. It’s important to give employees insight into your company’s operations, successes, failures and future. Consider sending a weekly newsletter highlighting important company updates, or even computer screen savers that communicate important information (No paper—its green).
  5. Communication is key. Open communication creates connectivity between all levels of a company. Use technology in the communication process by sending team emails and creating online surveys to gauge employee satisfaction.
  6. Embrace uniqueness. Encourage employees to let their unique attributes shine in the workplace. A positive culture embraces diversity and promotes inclusion. At Cox, we spotlight some of our employees during nationally recognized days such as Veterans Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Pride Month and more.
  7. Drive purpose. Employees should be motivated and inspired to produce quality work. A successful company culture should be purpose-driven to engage employees, and unite them around a cause. 
  8. Get connected. Use technology to encourage open lines of communication. A company intranet, CEO blog or project management tool is a great way to centralize information. Leverage business-grade internet service from Cox to help power these tools.
  9. Break routines. Help your employees recharge by encouraging them to learn something new, shadow another employee with a different job, or give them time to work on a project outside of their normal, everyday tasks. 
  10. Refresh often. Review the successes and failures within your company frequently, and analyze how the outcomes were influenced by the corporate culture. Be willing to make changes where necessary.

Lisa Lovallo is the Southern Arizona market vice president for Cox Communication, leading a team of more than 300 Southern Arizona employees. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Lisa was a team player early on as student body vice president and played on the university’s women’s basketball team. Reach her at lisa.lovallo@cox.com.