American industrialist Andrew Carnegie said the way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket. Respectfully, we beg to differ. Mr. Carnegie’s statement may have been valid during his era, but times have changed, and today’s companies benefit the most by implementing diversity.

The importance of diversity has become a larger blip on everyone’s radar lately, but what’s also important to be conscious of is that diversity relates to much more than just people. Think about how your financial advisor likely recommended that you diversify your investment portfolio. The same holds true for your marketing strategy.

Maybe, for example, you are knocking your social media out of the park and gaining new followers each week. But what’s paramount to realize is that you are missing out on a significant portion of the population who wants nothing to do with social media but might want everything to do with your products or services—if they only knew you existed. Perhaps their morning routine is to grab a cup of coffee and skim through local business news online. Or, maybe the market you’re trying to reach shies away from the news but loves listening to the radio or can never get enough of watching ESPN, HGTV or the Food Network.

Because of this, the Tucson Metro Chamber has created Media Boost, the culmination of partnerships we’ve created with Arizona Lotus for radio spots, Cox Media for television and online ads, Tucson Local Media’s Inside Tucson Business for print ads (The ads you see in this could be your company), and CS Design Studios for digital marketing strategies that include SEO training and report offerings, and antibacterial pens with your logo from Safeguard. In addition, we have added our own elements to the packages, which include ads in our highly respected Chamber Edge magazine and promoting your story on our social media pages.

We’ve  made it easy for you by taking the grunt work out of the process. We’ve researched what some of the best options are in town. We’ve negotiated for a fair price, so you don’t have to. We’ve also made sure that you will spend your time talking to the right person who will use their expertise to help guide you or answer any questions you might have.

These multi-channel options have been combined into four packages at varying price points that start as low as $2,595. We want to help anyone from a small business owner with a limited budget to companies who can easily afford the whole enchilada to be able to take advantage of these packages. If you already know exactly where you want to target, we have new options for you there, too. With “Takeover Tuesday,” you can promote your business from our social media pages. Perhaps sharing your expertise aligns with your marketing plan better? Host a webinar in our Knowledge at Noon series or contribute a feature to our bi-annual Chamber Edge magazine.

We’re confident that making the step to diversify your marketing strategy to include the multiple channels within Media Boost, or within any of our other options, will help you get your name out to a brand-new set of potential customers. Additionally, we feel that taking advantage of the packages will have an outcome that will help your company ride the waves of our current times with a bit more resilience.

If radio, television and the internet had been invented during Mr. Carnegie’s time, he likely would not have put all of his eggs in one basket and would have had great success because of it.

Please reach out to Jason Cook, Tucson Metro Chamber’s Senior Member Services Manager, at jcook@tucsonchamber.org for more information. To learn more about how your company can benefit from implementing diversity, read the digital edition of Chamber Edge magazine. tucsonchamber.org/the-chamber-edge. 


Heather Wuelpern is the Tucson Metro Chamber director of communications.