Michael Peel

The summer in Tucson can be a slow time for local businesses as many in the community escape the heat. However, the slow-down of the season can be an ideal time to do something new to grow your business. Local First Arizona has partnered with BRINK creative group on an exciting new venture launching this summer. 

As part of BRINK’s Creative Tucson initiative, the new Creative Tucson Pro Studio ensures that quality video content can be fast, efficient and affordable, especially for small businesses, nonprofits or anyone with a compelling story to tell but without the time or skills to create the highest quality video content on their own. While professional video content typically requires considerable investment, this new approach provides options for à la carte video services at fixed and very affordable pricing, including an exclusive 10 percent discount for all Pro Studio services for Local First Arizona members. 

The new Pro Studio offers a menu of fixed fee, patternized approaches for videos filmed in BRINK’s studio near downtown Tucson. How does it work? Your business brings the concept and on-screen talent, the Pro Studio team workshops it and then produces, edits and delivers a final video to use anywhere. This amazing all-in-one service is offered at a simple flat rate—including studio space, equipment, crew and editing—and delivers a high-quality video, optimized for the social platforms or website where it will be posted. 

Local businesses, nonprofits, and creatives can choose from one of three video patterns: 

Talking Head: Interview style shot with seated subject looking just off-screen and two camera angles. Establishes tone of expertise and prestige. 

Two-Person Chat: Great for interviews and podcast/web series-style talk shows. Can have a more casual vibe with the use of stools. Includes wide shot of both subjects and tight shots on singles. 

Stand and Deliver: One-person standing and looking directly into the camera. Provides more connection with the audience and is best for news-style reports and emotional appeals. Second shot can be a “behind-the-scenes” look or different angle. 

The Pro Studio team also films simple, on-location video to provide supplementary cut-in content (otherwise known as B-Roll) for videos. They also offer equipment, studio and editing bay rentals at below market rates to create on your own. 

For a preview of the various video options and all the information on BRINK’s affordable pricing options, head online to creativetucson.org/pro-studio.

Quality video for local businesses is needed more than ever in the digital age. According to an Animoto survey, 64 percent of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision in the last month. Video can be distributed through website, email, social media, advertising and ideally through all channels, and can reach many people to watch the story of a local business, nonprofit and creative and get them on board as loyal customers and supporters, even during the slowest months during the summer.

Working with a local business on creative digital needs ensures knowledge about the local community that many businesses are seeking to reach, as well as more dollars invested with local owners and the local economy. The money spent with Creative Tucson goes back into funding their own storytelling initiatives producing videos that spotlight Tucson’s many talented businesses, nonprofits and creatives. 

BRINK takes a collaborative approach to their work. According to their website, BRINK “unites big agency talent with boutique agency size and creative energy. We are fast, nimble and responsive. Our strengths derive from what we dub the ‘rock band approach’ We unite players across all disciplines (working in teams, not departments), each contributing a vital part of the next great hit. This philosophy also guides how we assemble and grow our team. Our talent comes from an all-age and culture spectrum with a focus on well-rounded skill sets and the ability to quickly learn and adapt. Our approach enables rapid execution of our tactics in a digital landscape where speed is key. You can’t engage in authentic interactions with an audience if you are incapable of responding to the here and now.” 

BRINK’s mission, vision and unique approach to highlighting local businesses encourages entrepreneurs and creatives throughout Tucson to share their authentic experience and story with the world.  For more information about BRINK, head over to brink.com.

For more information about this new Pro Studio opportunity to connect with BRINK creative group and Creative Tucson and take advantage of the exclusive Local First Arizona member discount, contact Michael Peel, Southern Arizona Director, mike@localfirstaz.com, or at 975-0145. 

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