The Tucson Metro Chamber Board, Committee Chairs and the staff’s executive team recently crafted the core focus areas of the Chamber’s next three– to five-year strategic plan. Being 125 years old, the Chamber must continue to evolve, elevate and innovate to remain effective and relevant. The legacy of the Chamber, with such a rich history, is important to remember and learn from as we create our path forward. The Chamber, at its core, remains the same organization that was originally established as the collective voice of the Grocer’s Association to advocate for business back in 1896. This remains a core tenant of the Chamber and we will continue to be that voice for a strong economic environment. Most recently, throughout the pandemic, we passed state legislation assisting our restaurants, set up the Tucson Restaurant Advisory Council, launched our Workforce Blueprint, and had more than 300,000 emails opened by our members. Our Strategic Plan will mirror, expand and leverage each of these efforts placing our members first, to have the largest impact on our overall local business climate.


FOCUS AREA 1: Strong Economic Advocacy

The Tucson Metro Chamber will continue to be the voice of the community and will work with our elected officials to educate them on critical issues that both help and hinder business and industry. We will strengthen our ability to mobilize our members, rely on our Public Policy Council and Candidate Evaluation Committee to vet candidates and issues, and actively create opportunities for our members to engage and provide feedback on issues impacting their local business. Striking down policies that weaken the business climate; creating solutions to business roadblocks and educating our elected officials on what creates a strong economic ecosystem are all at the forefront of what we do, and what we will continue to do.


FOCUS AREA 2: Growth

The Tucson Metro Chamber is your ultimate connector and the front door to our community. With dozens of networking opportunities and a full-time staff dedicated to knowing about the resources you need, our goal is to personalize your Chamber experience and be your first call connecting you to the right service, client, or member necessary for the growth of your company.


FOCUS AREA 3: Ready Workforce

The Chamber is poised as the facilitator to effectively build a workforce that is aligned with the needs of current and future Tucson metro employers so that we may grow jobs and opportunities, ultimately reducing poverty and creating a higher quality of life. Launched this year, the Workforce Blueprint will truly be the workforce strategy for the next three to five years. 


FOCUS AREA 4: Talent Attraction & Retention Catalyst

Having the right talent in a community drives business expansion and relocation decisions so the Chamber will support the Pivot Playbook to catalyze efforts to educate employers, highlight our business stories and influence pro-talent policies.


FOCUS AREA 5: Chamber Excellence

In the top 1% of Chambers across the country, the Chamber is a 5-star accredited organization. The Chamber will continue implementing best practices operationally and ethically, as expected by our members. 

The Chamber Board of Directors, committee chairs and staff are your direct liaison to the Chamber and we are all here to listen to the needs of business. The Chamber is a collective of the membership poised to serve another 125 years. Staying aligned and fixated on our five focus areas allows the Chamber to be the business advocate focusing on issues having the largest impact. Our mission is to champion an environment where business thrives and our community prospers. You cannot separate the impact of a thriving community has on business, and how a strong business climate directly provides community resources. For 125 years, the Tucson Metro Chamber has been the voice for businesses in Pima County and will be for the next 125 years.