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Isabel Georgelos

What do you do when you are the “hot topic?”  We have, as most of you know, found ourselves in that position.  Wendy Williams, I am not, but as the person tasked with turning things around, my response is the following:

Own it. What does every business or organization face at one time or another?  Adversity, challenges and failures.  In our Women’s Center for Excellence Workshops we teach the value of understanding that in business there is not an uninterrupted trajectory into the sky, but a series of ups and downs.  The key is embracing the “down turns” as an opportunity to learn and improve.  The benefit is that through discomfort you can grow and create something better.  

The way I see it, we have been given the gift of demonstrating how an organization overcomes its challenges, granted it’s a little more public than one would like, but it’s an opportunity all the same.

The most common question I hear, “Is the chamber OK?”  “Is it going to survive?”  “What is our future?”  The answer is a resounding “Yes.” We are OK and yes, there is a future.  The reason is because the chamber is not about one person, it is about the community as a whole.  We are THCC and you witness it in our weekly cafes where members and those exploring membership come together to share, learn, and promote what they do. If you are someone looking to engage, it is the perfect venue to promote what you do as you build relationships and skill.  

Our future is bright as we are inspired by the outreach from current and past members who remember how the Tucson Hispanic Chamber impacted them as they were starting out as business owners or engaging with the community.  The support from our community has been overwhelming with offers and desire to help us navigate our recent challenges.  All of this has only served to ignite our commitment to living our mission.  

Are we OK?  We are better than OK, as we embrace living the change cycle and confident that we will come out stronger on the other side.  We are owning it, and excited about the opportunity to collaborate and innovate as we look towards the next 30 years.  In the meantime, come visit us in being part of that future.  We encourage dialogue and transparency within, and outside our community.

We are the Tucson Hispanic Chamber.  

Isabel Georgelos is the Tucson Hispanic Chamber Administrator.