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Grocery stores and gas stations aren’t the only businesses taking extra precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic by installing plastic shields. The transportation industry is changing its practices, too.
Mobility solutions supplier Ability Center, which operates in Tucson, recently rolled out barriers for vehicles that separate the driver and passenger seats from the rest of the car. The company provides wheelchair-accessible vans and lifts to people with disabilities, as well as non-emergency transportation companies.
Considering many of their customers are in high-risk groups, Ability Center decided it needed to be more cautious. 
“We deal with customers that have ALS, MS, MD, amputees, Parkinson’s..We’re very socially conscious and want to provide safe solutions for our customers,” said Tucson General Manager Christine Takerian.
According to Takerian, the development of custom shields for vehicles came about after customers asked what precautions were taken during the pandemic. Two technicians were able to quickly create the first shield, and Ability Center is developing more for other clients. The barriers keep the cabin and the driver separated and help reduce exposure to dangerous airborne particles. 
“We are still working here, and we’re trying to keep our customers safe,” Takerian said.
Outside of installing shields, Ability Center employees are calling customers to make sure they’re okay and see if they need any mobility assistance. 
“We’re here for them right now through this pandemic,” Takerian said. “We’re doing something that matters. We think that we matter to these people, to provide independence and mobility. We’re very proud of the work we do.”
For more information, or to contact Ability Center, go online to or call (520) 293-3596. The business is located in Tucson at 4720 N. La Cholla Blvd., #150.