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Faulty, buggy, burned-out computer networks drive business owners crazy. They pay big bucks for a technical crew to wire up their offices only to find a job done half right or just plain DOA. That's because the computer services industry is not regulated by the same tight regime of standards that guide other industries, such as construction, even though many businesses lean heavily on the capabilities of their computer systems.

Brett Genger has met many of these business owners. Make that: met and rescued many of these business owners.

"It seems that computers and networks are the bane of the majority of companies here in Tucson," Genger said. "Most of our customers have had their confidence eroded by other companies claiming to be experts."

Genger divides computer service experts into four categories: those who repair hardware, those who develop programs, those who design Web pages, and those who network computer systems. Each is really a different specialty altogether, but many businesses managers don't know the difference. They sometimes hire the wrong type of expert for their work just because that person can talk the talk, he said.

"In reality, there is only one type of technology person that is a network engineer or a computer network specialist," Genger said. "That's all that we do. We can repair, break and fix computers, but that's not the primary purpose of our company. All that we focus on is the installation and repair of effective, reliable networks."

Taught the ropes with Forture 500 companies, Genger is the owner, founder and networking guru behind Genger & Associates. His theory is to provide computer networking services (and only computer networking services) according to the best practices used throughout many major national companies.

Genger started in New York as a consultant. His two biggest projects came in 1998 and 1999 when he worked with State Farm Insurance and Chase Manhattan Bank. During these projects, Genger developed an understanding of what industry standards were necessary for a solid, reliable computer network. Companies of this size could not afford to be undone by faulty wiring.

"There is a right way and a wrong way within our industry to set things up. There is not a formal code, because we are not regulated," Genger said. "However, there are best practices in the industry. We build our networks following best practices."

On the front end, Genger offers a free assessment, during which the company's current system is compared to Genger's list of best practices. Educating the customer, he walks them through what impact those differences make. Some of those necessary items include good anti-virus software, an uninterruptible power supply, and continual tape back ups.

Following these methods, Genger hopes to elevate his business above "hack shops." In fact, Genger's slogan is "We do it right." Many of his customers seem convinced that he succeeded.

"I originally called a certified' company in the phone book to fix (a very frustrating computer) problem. Unfortunately, two visits and $400 late, we were no closer to a solution," wrote one customer. " (Genger) came and looked at our problem and gave us a free estimate. (He) even fixed part of our problem on the spot Good service seems to be hard to find, but Genger & Associates went above and beyond."

Genger said a lot of his company's growth is coming through such strong referrals and numerous letters of recommendation.

"We're probably one of Tucson's fastest growing companies," Genger said. "We've been growing at a rate of about 50 percent per year. This year, we're up 35 percent, but that's pretty good in a market where everyone else is struggling to stay afloat."

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Name: Genger & Associates

Location: 2425 N. Huachuca Drive

Owner: Brett Genger

Employees: 3 full time, 3 part time

Founded: 1998


Services: computer network infrastructure